Books, chocolate & lingerie

Gifts are always appreciated and never expected. Besides, it could be fun to take a peek at my material desires…

My weak spot, chocolate and macaronsRococo Chocolates, Artisans du Chocolat and Ladurée are my favourite and artisanal chocolate in general. But Lindors’ bonbons too are an indulgence I let myself enjoy.

Flowers and even more, cacti and indoor plants are always welcome to join my little jungle.  Books: on my Goodreads you can find my joyful mess of “want to read” titles, some are also on my Amazon wishlist. If you have a favourite book, or something specific you’d like to send me, ask for my PO box address. 

Favourite lingerie gift cards: Anoses, Agent Provocateur, Fleetya. Bra size: 34C, panties 8/S.

Leather: harnesses, belts, bags: each item is a work of art: Téo+NG. I have a predilection for independent designers, but I will never say no to Louboutin, Rick Owens or Valentino, rest assured.  Here’s my Net-A-Porter wishlist.

Dresses: UK 8, IT 38/S. Shoes: UK 4, IT 37, Louboutins 36.5