Books, chocolate & lingerie

Gifts¬†are always appreciated and never expected. Besides, it could be fun to take a peek at my material desires…

My weak spot, chocolate and macarons:¬†Rococo Chocolates, Artisans du Chocolat and Ladur√©e are my favourite and artisanal chocolate in general. But Lindors’ bonbons too are an indulgence I let myself enjoy.

Flowers and even more,¬†cacti and indoor plants¬†are always welcome to join my little jungle.¬†¬†Books:¬†on my Goodreads you can find my joyful mess of “want to read” titles, some are also on my Amazon wishlist. If you have a favourite book, or something specific you’d like to send me, ask for my PO box address.¬†

Favourite lingerie gift cards: Anoses, Agent Provocateur, Fleetya. Bra size: 34C, panties 8/S.

Leather: harnesses, belts, bags: each item is a work of art: T√©o+NG.¬†I have a predilection for independent designers, but I will never say no to Louboutin, Rick Owens or Valentino, rest assured.¬† Here’s my Net-A-Porter wishlist.

Dresses: UK 8, IT 38/S. Shoes: UK 4, IT 37, Louboutins 36.5