London Luxury Bdsm & Fetish

To me, creating a session means creating an “out of time” place for the submissive to let go of everyday life for a while, and as I am often told “ok, back to reality” after a session, I know that I do make it happen.

My domination style is permeated by sensuality and eroticism

I have a strong I have a strong foot fetish, and I feel that having you completely naked, kneeling in front of me is an immediate way to put you into your place.

There, devoid of responsabilities, of masks and duties, you will be completely present to your body and mine.

Are you a novice, or maybe just curious?

Note that if you don’t have any experience, and maybe are not sure yourself of what you enjoy, I’ll have a very soft approach. You’ll tell me beforehand what is a sure no and what you’ve been fantasizing about, but don’t expect an all-out session, especially if you don’t want to miss my more erotic side. I have a predilection for those practices that are on the edge between classic sensuality and Bdsm, I can humiliate you and keep you firmly aroused all the time. I love those kinks that are so ambivalent that just by the expression in my eyes a passionate exchange can become a dirty practice that leaves you feeling utterly used and humiliated. I am a visual creature, and watching you in the eyes, observing your expressions while you see yourself in the mirror doing unfathomable things for the first time, is part of these dance between psychological and physical. Also, unless I can see you’re very experienced, I don’t push limits until I know our chemistry well.

Are you an experienced sub?

Psychological games of humiliation, forced bisexuality, sissification are also a strong part of my conception of Bdsm. Anal play in all its declinations is my main area of expertise. From strapon, to fisting and examinations, I can’t get enough. Corporal punishments, whether the centre of our session or an addendum to the scene, are also something I like a lot.  For all my sweetness, I do enjoy being sadistic and mean, but I need peace of mind to let that part of myself emerge freely: be clear on your experience, on getting marks (otherwise I’ll always assume that you can’t receive any), and do offer references from other Mistresses; I would delight into preparing and play a strong scene.

My kinks:

  • FOOT FETISH: foot adoration, with or without stockings, foot gagging, food crushing, foot job, trampling
  • ORGASM CONTROL: tease and denial, ruined orgasms, striptease, toys show with vibrators, dildos…
  • ANAL PLAY: prostate massage, anal training, dildos, anal hooks, strapon, fisting, pegging
  • WATERSPORTS: I find that golden showers are a particularly fun experience if you are looking for a spicy GFE
  • BODY WORSHIP: Queening, smothering, ass and armpit adoration, foot fetish.
  • HUMILIATION: Spitting on body and face, food spitting, slapping, verbal degradation on financial, body or sph, ballbusting
  • CORPORAL: spanking, over the knee spanking, belts, flogging, crops, paddling
  • ROLE PLAY: feminization, teacher/student, puppy play, doctor nurse, alien/human… anything our fantasy suggests.
  • NIPPLE PLAY: from sensual to hard, fingers, teeth, clamps, other instruments
  • SENSATION PLAY: ice, wax, stockings, leather, spikes, Wartenberg pinwheels and more.


Every practice is executed following SSC: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Every object is washed and disinfected before use and regularly sterilized.

If you don’t see a kink you’re interested in nor here nor in my limits, write me describing it, I may enjoy it or be willing to try, otherwise I could point you to friends that like it. It’s one of the many reasons I love London is the vibrant kinky escort community: together we could top a sexy sub, or you could have a sub at your side while I dominate you both… have a look here.