Curiosities and important info, bundled up

Are you real?

I am kind of new to London, but yes, I am real. You can check my selfies here, and keep up with my updates and new pics on Twitter and Instagram. You can also see me in a video interview in Italian with Vice, a written and video interview on Adversus Magazine, the subbed version is here, and an interview with the magazine Alufem, here. You can also subscribe to my OnlyFans, where I share selfies, professional photos, videos… as you have probably guessed, I love being in front of the camera. 

Do you do GFE?

Absolutely. I’m very sweet by nature, and I’d love to be your special girlfriend: from passion to cuddles, I find freeing to be able to incarnate your dreams.

Are you a domme, submissive or switch?

My area of expertise is domination. Read about my kinks here and on my blog. 

I am not an ice queen but rather a sensual Mistress, and I love mixing classic eroticism and BDSM. 

Are you available for incalls or outcalls?

My incall is a discreet and lovely flat in the heart of Covent Garden, but I’m also available to reach you at your central London hotel if you prefer. 

What is your booking protocol?

When we meet, please leave the envelope in plain view and excuse yourself to freshen up. If we are meeting in public, place it in a book or a gift bag, as to keep things discreet. I will then excuse myself to the bathroom.

I accept both sterlings and euros, dollars will be charged 8% to provide for converting fees.

To secure an appointment a 20% deposit may be necessary. My preferred methods are Amazon gift cards to hello.arazatah@gmail.com or a bank transfer, just ask if you would prefer a different method.

The deposit won’t be refunded if you cancel with less than a 24h notice, while it can be used for another booking in the following 3 months for cancellations received with further notice. In the unlikely case of a cancellation on my part, it will be swiftly and fully refunded and I will propose to extend gratis our appointment next time.

Dates of over three hours include social moment outside the boudoir and a meal. During overnights, I need 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Are you hairy, as in the pictures? Do you have tattoos or piercings?

I like to keep my triangle natural and well-groomed. I don’t have any tattoos, but a septum piercing and two small dermals at the nape of my neck. They have been described as “elegant punk”.

Do you see couples?

Yes, and I would be happy to be included in your play, to avoid misunderstanding I’ll want to have a telephone conversation with both of you.

Are you reference friendly?

Absolutely, email me at arazatah+reference@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer within 24 hours.

What measures are you taking against COVID-19?

I am fully vaccinated, having received my second jab in July 2020. I will be happy to show proof of my vaccination status in person, if you’d wish so.

As social life is getting back to normal, finally, I’m taking regular lateral flow tests and I’d be happy to take one before we meet.

How our session will be?

Feeling how you react to My presence, understand your weaknesses, tease you… Every session is unique and it is not possible to foresee how it will play out.

However, my domination style is permeated by sweetness and eroticism, to get a feeling for it read my kinks page and the way my lovely play partners describe it. 

Keep in mind that if it’s the first session and you are not well-versed in Bdsm I will keep it lighter and sensual. Bdsm can be an intense experience, for the good and the bad, so I prefer to go slow and sweet. Even if at the beginning you feel very eager, going too fast could bring about a bad experience, making you recoil from something that could have been fantastic if done slowly and  deeply.

Do you accept newbies?

Yes, it will be a pleasure to introduce you. I am a slow paced but throughout teacher…

Could you be dressed in latex?

Yes, the minimum requirement is a three hours bookings and the outfit it will be the one you can see in the video and in some selfies.

Will you leave any marks?

Unless is wished and agreed beforehand, I won’t leave any marks whatsoever. 

What about safety?

Every practice is executed following SSC: Safe, Sane and Consensual.
Every object is washed and disinfected before use and regularly sterilized. I have first aid training and we won’t engage in edge play.