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To book a date please have a look at my whole website first, my Q&A in particular. For inspiration on restaurants and activities you may want to check this page.

My assistant Laura may answer when I’m particularly focused on other projects or university, she will take care of logistics first, so we can plan the more interesting details at ease. If we’re already acquainted I’ll do my best to answer directly but if I can’t, rest assured you’re in lovely hands.

If the form below is not functioning or you haven’t received a reply in 48h please email me directly:

My email address: hi [at] arazatah . com

For references: elettra+ref [at] arazatah . com

Communications take place on Protonmail, an encrypted email provider. For end-to-end encryption between us you need a secure email account, or you can add an extension like MailVelope to encrypt your emails withous changing provider.

You can request to see our correspondence at any moment and to have it deleted if you wish.

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    I conduct correspondence on a secure and encrypted server. Rest assured that I will not disclose any information about you unless you explicitly grant permission (e.g., for a reference). You have the right to request access to all our correspondence or ask for its deletion. Occasionally, I may send you emails, especially when I am traveling to your area. If you sign up for a ProtonMail address our exchange will be completely encrypted and you'll support a better internet in the process. If you don't want to change mail provider, you can add MailVelope to your current inbox to encrypt your emails.