About me

Italian kinky companion & luxury escort

I’m Elettra Arazatah, mid-20s, from Rome, if you’re curious. I‚Äôm an independent private companion, kinky playmate (I love both being a GFE and a Domme), and¬†¬†Italian escort in London.

I have been naughty and attracted to all things sexy and experimental since I can remember, but the journey that brought me here had a precise beginning: the moment my mature neighbour, a real gentleman in his own right, started teasing me about giving him my used panties.


Sensual sweetness

and dark elegance

 A voyage of exploration begun there, a voyage that has brought me to weave deep connection, erotic and mental, that have fed my dark and titillating spirit. All these merges with my sweet side, which loves pure human connection, cuddles, kisses. At first, being a private companion was a fantasy with which I played with during the last years of university, only to come to realise that this is my passion.

If my first degree was in Law, my free and adventurous nature wasn’t destined for the forensic rigour. I recently graduated in Psychology in Italy, where we wear the laurel crown upon graduation, and I am now studying for the Master. I am fascinated by humans, especially from a social psychology point of view: how people interact with one another (no mind reading involved!).

During my studies, I have lived around Europe, and I speak fluently French, Spanish, English, and of course, Italian.

For me, it’s very important to create a connection, a moment outside everyday life. I often get to hear “back to reality” at the end of a date, and it satisfies me deeply to know that I got to create a magic moment, a parallel dimension for just the two of us.

Here you can find a few notes on how a date with me feels like.

Pleasure creature that I am, I enjoy many varieties of food, although my stellar favourites are steaks, I’d be glad to be shown your favourite London spot. My sweet tooth is all about chocolate and you can be sure that luxurious chocolates and well, Lindor truffles, will be relished one by one.

I am a voracious reader, often dipping my fingers in different genres at the same time (have a look at my Goodreads to know which book I’m reading right now), and in my spare time I enjoy cooking and swimming. I can’t get enough of London’s museums and exhibitions, growing up in Rome has meant being exposed to beauty and art, and when I can spend an afternoon wandering among glass cases and paintings I will invariably feel refreshed.

I prefer to dress in black, choosing elegant and minimalist cuts and I will always show up appropriately dressed for the occasion, feel free to let me know if you have specific preferences.

I love luxurious¬†lingerie, black lace especially, that embraces my natural, soft porcelain curves, and you won’t find me (almost) never without¬†red lipstick. I have¬†blue eyes and a sensuous black bob that highlights my neck.