Sissification excites me so much. I am attracted by the perceived humiliation, logical consequence of societal stereotypes, but also the possibility of enabling someone to discover that lovely sensation that only feminine clothes can give. Feeling bound by a corset and high heels, the softness of velvet, satin, lace on the skin. A nuisance that becomes teasing, like the string of a thong between the cheeks, annoying and at the same time humiliating and exciting. Perhaps worn in public or at work, invisible under a suit. The fear of being discovered, feeling in the hands of the mistress while the role of the alpha male is being recited…

Also, the esthetical beauty of those clothes and of discovering oneself attractive, so embellished.

I like the idea of having a girlfriend with whom to go shopping lingerie and try lipsticks on.

I’d love to make you my personal slut. Give you a nice vagina-ass and bind you into forced chastity.

Enjoy your humiliation.

Punish you if you can’t walk on high heels as a true lady should.


The most important techniques to obtain psychological femininization are the twine and the milking.

The clitoridean twine is an actual twine tied around the penis when is flaccid to prevent the male erection. The sissy is then accustomed to always longer chastity periods.

Milking consist in a forced ejaculation without orgasm made by the Mistress while the sissy is on all fours.

After the first training period the sissy will be accustomed to prostatic orgasms through the penetration of her vagina-ass with gradually bigger dildos.

This way the sissy will learn be excited without unpleasant erections.

The second part of the protocol will go hand in hand with the first and it will cover the sissy’s physical and behavioural modifications.

First of all, the sissy will have to get used to feminine dressing. At first, only wearing a feminine thong under the masculine clothing to feel the intoxication of this slow but constant change.

She will then be accustomed to dress like a maid or a Lolita, according to my desires. At first, she will do so privately, then in front of other people as well.

It will be important that she should wear high-heeled shoes, to learn the right moves.

I’ll teach her the reverence and the postures she should have in front of me. In these positions the sissy should express her passivity and her submission.

Lastly, she should learn to always smile in front of Mistress’ orders. The smile is a symbol of her passivity.

Along her path she will need to learn to smile, which is fundamental because the sissy is in conclusion a slave.